Front Desk Associate


Position Title: Front Desk Associate

Result Statement: To support the effective operation of the company and the acquisition and retention of clients by communicating with all people who contact the company, in accordance with our positioning strategy through orchestrated communication systems.

Tactical Work Listing:

1. sensory package in place 100% of the time

2. ensure all patients are processed according to established sensory client fulfillment systems

3. collect/process all monies from patients on a timely basis using over the counter collection system

4. ensure all patients are appropriately processed at the end of treatment to ensure a smooth transition from active to maintenance care and/or active to additional active care along with active to discharge

5. opening and closing of office following open/close system

6. charts are kept in an orderly fashion and filed appropriately

7. preparing for next shift and filing from last shift completed


Position Specific:

1. Will always plan future patient schedule to ensure maximum production

2. Will always foresee the schedule of the day and week to ensure smooth flow of patients through the office and maximize staff efficiency

3. Daily income sheet will always be completed and forwarded to management at the end of each business day.

4. Ensure that all necessary patient communication is communicated to the team through team meeting via the team communication form.

5. Will always ensure coffee bar is ready and clean, 5 minutes prior to shift starting

6. Will always have check sheet completed daily

7. Will ensure that the phone is to be answered by 3rd ring

8. All patient inquiries to be answered within 48 business hours

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