Insurance Billing and Collecting Associate


Position Title: Insurance Billing and Collecting Associate

Result Statement: To assist in maintaining an optimal and orderly cash flow by tracking, billing and collecting revenues owed to the company.

Tactical Work Listing:

1. Obtaining accurate Financial Data

2. Entry of accurate patient data into practice’s software EMR computer system

3. Transmission of Timely Billing

4. Entry of accurate Payments into computer system

5. Timely collections

6. Deposits to bank accurate and timely

7. generate weekly reports


Position Specific:

1. Use judgment to be able to spot inaccurate information from insurance company and staff

2. For see patient financial difficulties prior to happening

3. Plan your data entry time and collecting time so all tasks are completed timely

4. All insurance verifications will be completed prior to patient arriving in office, unless patient brings insurance with them, then prior to patient returning to consult room after TPT treatment.

5. All patients accounts will be established into billing software within 24 business hours

6. All fee tickets will be entered and quality controlled within 24 business hours

7. All electronic/paper billing will be transmitted/mailed weekly

8. All payment folders will be entered within 48 business hours of close of business day

9. Bank deposit will be made daily (business days)

10. All accounts will be collected on each 4 week period

11. Weekly production reports will be generated within 24 business hours of close of week.

12. 4 week period production reports will be generated within 48 hours of close of period

13. Accounts will be monitored for patient timely payments and front desk alerted if not timely

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