Medical Assistant


Position Title: Medical Assistant

Result Statement: To assist in the retention of long-term quality clients for the company through the execution of service delivery systems so the client’s needs and expectations are met or exceeded.

Tactical Work Listing:

1. Learn all duties on the MA training checklist.

2. Perform Blood draws (if indicated)

3. Perform EKG on ordered patients. (if indicated)

4. Perform weigh-in on weight loss program patients.

5. Ensure seamless, efficient patient flow on medical side by working with the traffic cop.

6. Maintain medical equipment.

7. Administer B12 injections.

8. Instruct patients on urine analysis.

9. Spin blood draws (if necessary)

10. Package & label specimens for pick-up.

11. Work with labs to coordinate specimen pick-ups.

12. Keep medical inventory current.

13. Assist in the recruitment of new patients.

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