Treatment Coordinator (F/T)


Position Title: Treatment Coordinator (F/T)

Result Statement: To ensure smooth flow of patients through the office so that they have a seamless experience while maximizing the efficiency of the office personnel to ensure the expansion of the office. To support the effective operation of the company and the acquisition and retention of clients by communicating with all people who contact the company, in accordance with our positioning strategy through orchestrated communication systems.

Tactical Work Listing:

1. Ensure sensory package is in place 100% of the time.

2. Ensure all patients are processed according to established sensory client fulfillment systems.

3. Charts are kept in an orderly fashion and filed appropriately.

4. Preparing charts and x-rays for team meeting & production meeting.

5. Ensure that all patients get to the proper locations once they arrive in the office.

6. Ensure available staff/doctor are prepared adequately for upcoming shift to anticipate and prevent any backlogs.

7. Ensure flag system is used by directing usage.

8. Ensure doctor and case managers are staying on task and timely.

9. Ensure seamless communication between clinical and clerical staff.

10. Prep all folders prior to shift.

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