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How does chiropractic work?

Chiropractic works because you are a self healing organism, controlled and regulated by your nervous system. Millions of messages are sent from your brain to your body, through your spinal cord and its related nervous system, influencing every organ and tissue. Signals are also sent back to the brain to confirm whether you body is working correctly. Improper motion or position of the bones of your spine may interfere with this vital information exchange by irritating the nerves and tissues they control. Health often returns with improved communication within our body.

Is chiropractic scientific?

We often hear, “I don’t believe in Chiropractic”. Chiropractic is a science, a healing art, and a philosophy. It is a scientific fact that your brain and nervous system control every cell, organ and tissue of your body. Research has confirmed that interferences within the nervous system change the way the body functions. Every year, more and more clinical research confirms the scientific premise upon which all of Chiropractic is based.

Do I have a slipped disc?

The protein cushions between the bones of the spine are called our discs. These structures transfer the body’s weight from the bone above the disc to the bone below. Therefore, they act as shock absorbers and pivot points when our spinal bones move. The fibrous rings within the outer portions of the disc restrain the jelly-like substance in the central area of the disc, which serve as the fulcrum for movement. When the fibrous rings deteriorate or break down under physical stress, this results in the jelly-like structure to shift or even extrude from within the restraining rings. Discs bulge, tear, herniated, thin, or rupture; they don’t “slip”.

Do I have a pinched nerve?

Actually, a pinched nerve is rare. It’s more likely that the spinal bone will irritate, stretch, rub or chafe a nearby nerve root. These “subluxations” may distort the critical nerve messages sent from and to the body. This produces alterations in the way our brain and body communicate, affecting the function of the organs and tissues of our body.

Do chiropractors treat children?

Yes. Learning to walk, riding a bike, or playing sports can cause subluxations that are often passed off as “growing pains”. Chiropractic research has shown results with treatment of ear infections, colic, scoliosis management, and headaches. The process of birth itself can be very difficult and traumatic to a young immature spine.

What does an adjustment feel like?

Usually, they feel good! Many patients report a sense of relief and well-being and a claming sense of ease. Chiropractors are considered the experts in spinal manipulation because of their extensive years of instructions and development of their techniques of spinal adjustments.

What makes that "popping sound"?

Special fluids within our joints lubricate the joints of the body. Some adjusting methods can produce an audible sound as gas and fluids in the joint shift and disperse. The sound, if it does occur, is fascinating but it isn’t a guide to the quality or effectiveness of the adjustment.

How many adjustments will I need?

The number and frequency of your adjustments varies from patient to patient and from condition to condition. Most patients see some progress within a week or two. As supporting soft tissues heal, and spinal function improves, the visits become less frequent. More difficult, longer standing cases may require visits over many months or years to make lasting changes.

Can I have chiropractic care after back surgery?

Yes, naturally, your chiropractor will determine if you need any rehabilitative or supportive care for the areas affected by the surgery, as well as other complications and subsequent mechanical changes that can result after surgery. After spinal surgery, it has been recognized to cause subsequent instabilities, above and below the involved area.

Is it safe for pregnant patients to have chiropractic care?

Pregnancy may be one of the best times to benefit from chiropractic care. While it’s always best to have a properly working nervous system, its especially important during a pregnancy when hormonal changes and changes in body shape effect the biomechanical function of the skeletal system. Also, many expectant mothers enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care because its drug free. Many women report shorter and easier births.

How long will I need chiropractic care?

After patients receive the relief they want, often many choose to continue some type of supportive care. Those with chronic conditions may require ongoing care to sustain an optimal level of spinal function. These visits can help support the final stages of healing and help identify and resolve new problems before they become more serious. Our job is to offer the very best in evidence-based chiropractic care, your job is to utilize that care to its best possible benefits.

What if I can't be helped with chiropractic care?

If we’re unable to help you, and determine the underlying cause of your condition, we will refer you to another trustworthy specialist who may decide better as to the cause of your complaints.

Are chiropractors "real doctors"?

Doctors of Chiropractic are health care specialists that have over 7 years of study after high school. They are recognized by Medicare, reimbursed by state and private insurance companies, and have oversight by state and national regulatory bodies. Their training is similar to those of a MD or DO, yet the primary focus is spinal manipulation and a drug-less approach to helping a patient regain their health.

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