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Knee pain is a common concern, however, when knee pain is chronic or severe, it can interfere with the patient’s life significantly. First Team Medical Clinics offers diagnosis and treatment options for patients experiencing knee pain.

Knee Pain Q & A

What causes knee pain?

Knee pain may occur due to a variety of reasons; including, but not limited to, injuries, bio-mechanical/structural problems, and arthritis. Some of the most common knee injuries that cause pain include:


Patellar tendinitis

Knee bursitis

Torn meniscus


Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

Some mechanical problems that may lead to knee pain include:

a loose body in the knee

dislocation of the kneecap

patellofemoral syndrome

iliotibial band syndrome.

What other symptoms do patients experience?

In addition to pain, patients with a problem in the knee may also notice weakness, instability, stiffness, swelling, popping noises, redness, and tenderness in the joint.

How does First Team Medical Clinics diagnose causes of knee pain?

The specific cause of a patient’s knee pain will influence the treatments we may recommend. To provide patients with the best treatment possible, the clinicians at First Team identify the cause of the patient’s pain prior to developing a treatment plan. To identify the cause of a patient’s knee pain, the doctor will perform a thorough physical examination, and may also order an X-ray of the knee. If there are significant clinical signs of soft tissue damage or internal instability, advanced diagnostic testing may be considered.

What treatments are available to patients with knee pain?

First Team Medical Clinics offers several different types of treatment options to patients with knee pain. Each of these treatments serves a different purpose. Some of the treatments that may be recommended for patients with knee pain include:

Injection therapy - During this treatment, our Nurse Practitioner uses a hypodermic needle to deliver an a natural or synthetic lubricant into the joint in order to provide improved joint spacing and fluidity to the joint surfaces.

Corrective exercises - Corrective exercises can be used to strengthen weak muscles and improve the overall stability, range of motion, and flexibility of the knee.

Cold Laser therapy – Some patients respond very quickly with non-invasive focused light therapy which reduces inflammation and stimulates cell repair.

Chiropractic care - For some patients, gentle manipulation of the joint may be beneficial.

Who is a good candidate for knee pain treatment?

Not every patient will be a good candidate for conservative knee pain treatment. In some cases, the cause of the patient’s knee pain may be a condition that won’t heal on its own, such as a severe injury to a tendon or ligament. In such cases, the patient may need surgery.  If referral is necessary, the clinical team at FTMC participates in an active referral base to provide consultation with orthopedic, neurological, and sports medicine practitioners throughout the Miami Valley.