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Low back pain can be a debilitating condition, making it difficult for the patient to go to work or engage in any kind of physical activity. We want to locate the source of your pain and treat the underlying cause, rather than just mask the symptoms. You will receive top-notch health care without unwanted side effects. Prescription pain medications can cause damage to your internal organs, particularly your liver, and research shows that medications containing ibuprofen can increase your risk of a stroke or heart attack and may even cause your pain to increase over time.

Low Back Pain Q & A

Is low back pain serious?

In most cases, mechanical back pain is not a sign of a serious condition, but it may lead to other more serious conditions. In fact, low back pain affects millions of people across the United States, however, even when low back pain doesn’t stem from a serious condition, it can still be painful and even disabling. It is the second most common reason a person misses work, while some patients with low back pain even find themselves unable to work efficiently or enjoy life like they once did. FTMC carefully examines our patients to find the root of the cause and identify factors triggering the back pain to get them back to work and the enjoyments life.

What causes low back pain?

Low back pain can occur for many different reasons. For example, many patients experience back pain because they have injured the muscles in the back. In other cases, back pain may develop because the patient has a structural abnormality, such as bone spurs or scoliosis. Other possible causes of back pain include poor posture, dysfunction or immobility of the joints, bulging discs, or degenerative disc disease. From many years of expertise with spinal pain, FTMC clinicians have found that forward head posture is also a culprit of back pain.

How does First Team Medical Clinics approach low back pain?

From Symptom Relief to Corrective Care

Your customized treatment plan will involve medical treatment of your injury or condition, including supportive services designed to improve your health and functioning so you can heal, recover, and prevent re-injury.

You will discover non-narcotic pain relief methods.

We believe we provide a simple, logical approach to care for your lower back pain, and promote the fight against prescriptive opioid addiction. Using manual therapy, rehabilitative exercise, and injection therapies, we will heal your injury without using expensive, invasive surgeries with extensive (and painful) recovery periods. Topical creams are used provide relief to sore, painful muscles and damaged tissues. Topical creams are advantageous because they treat only the injured area, as opposed to ingested medications that impact your entire system—and may have serious side effects. Topical creams contain natural ingredients that safely relieve your pain. They are rubbed into the skin over your painful area, providing needed relief. We also provide supplements that treat pain using plant based options that have been used for thousands of years.

A “synergistic effect” of Services

Spinal Postural Screening identifies and corrects biomechanical alignment issues.

Rehabilitative Services improve strength and increase functioning and range of motion.

Spinal decompression therapy provides healing and relief for spinal disc disease, bulging disc, and herniated disc.

Trigger Point Injections provide immediate relief and relaxation of trigger points in the muscles of the back, neck, and shoulders.

Chiropractic Care corrects alignment and mechanical problems.

Manual Therapy offers hands-on healing for muscles and tissues.